Attract Clients Non-Stop… Stay Booked Solid

Unlock a Steady Flow of Jobs with

Rocket-X's Secret Blueprint for Success

Attract Clients


Stay Booked Solid

Unlock a Steady Flow of Jobs with

Rocket X's

Secret Blueprint for Success

About Us

Rocket X was born out of pure frustration.

Our CEO Victor Rancour, was tired of so-called “experts” who couldn’t tell a wrench from a webpage. He’d been where you are: hustling hard with zero backup from the people who promised big and delivered small.

So, he built Rocket-X, taking his own HVAC business from a backroom operation to a $50 million sensation, all in five breakneck years. How? By ditching the fluff and doubling down on what works: a no-BS blueprint that’s less talk, more action.

We’re not just another marketing company. We’re your pit crew, your behind-the-scenes power team. We’ve scraped knuckles and busted hours in the home service world, coming out on top.

Now, we’re here to pass on the torch with a roadmap drawn in sweat and success.

Ready to quit the guessing game and hit the gas on your business? With Rocket X, it’s go time.


Capture Leads

  • Websites no longer have the call to action required to attract leads.

  • The funnel keeps the lead engaged while giving them opportunities to sign up.

  • Once the lead is secured then funnels can close, upsell or nurture. stuff

THE Lead

Sales Tools

  • It's difficult to keep track of client history via email, text and calls.

  • Create a centralized communication command station with your clients.

  • See their current campaigns, notes and opportunities so you're informed.

THE pipeline

Follow Up Money

  • Most businesses are missing 5 to 6 figures of follow up money.

  • 61% of buyers purchase from existing relationships.

  • Stay top of mind. Automate emails and texts that put prospects in your pipeline and move them forward in

    your sales process.


Data, Schedule, Get Paid

  • Capture, transfer and collect company data then integrate it into your system.

  • Connect your google calendar and setup events just like Calendly then automate your sales calls.

  • Service Titan, Housecall Pro, Quickbooks, and Square, they all integrate right into your system so you can command cashflow.


Custom Metrics Dashboard

  • The decision makers in your business are only as good as the data they have access to. While a spreadsheet and a few formula's can get the job done, it does not create daily VISION of company performance like your MOS can.


Our goal is to avoid the sea of cookie cutter bumper sticker websites that exist out there while also create experiences that tell your brand story but more important convert clicks to customers.

Pull inspiration from your favorite sites in design AND function.

Blow your prospects away with the HERO shot. Establish your identity through COLOR that POPS! Bring it home with your unique typography that feels like home.


SEO is your ultimate fishing net, catching you more customers.

Your SEO score? Think of it as a school grade - and we're the geeks who get you that consistent A+. We keep your content fresh and irresistible, drawing clicks with SEO magic and the right keywords.

Forget just chasing good grades; we're talking real, tangible buzz for your business. With our half-century of experience, we create websites that don't just sit pretty—they reel in leads. And fast? You bet. We beat the other guys' pace by a mile.



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© All rights reserved 2023. Rocket-X Marketing